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Happy Chinese Father’s Day and Advance Happy Birthday

You understand me like your real daughter and you can see through my face if I am happy or hurt. You had pushed every limit to ensure that I get good education. You even showed me the essence of “living my life in the simpliest I can but ma

king the most of it”.You have a big and kind heart and I have been in awe always on witnessing your generosity.

Your concern is behind my understanding. You had taught me to remain true to my words and always do good things in spite of uncertainties. Every time I felt so down, your email never fails to comfort me. “Gemma, I have no doubt you can make it”

Yeye, Happy Chinese Father’s Day and Advance Happy Birthday. I miss you so much! I always pray that God will give you good health and enjoyable years ahead.

Thank you and i love you!

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