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Maribina Falls

Maribina FallsBato, Catanduanes

I love nature, it is my way of escaping the noisy buzz in the city. The time I’ve landed in Philippines again, after many years working abroad, I promised to myself that every time I’ve given the chance I will rediscover my place, my hometown, and my province.
Last summer, me and my bf went home to our hometown (Bato, Catanduanes). Just like me, he also like travelling, exploring every chance we had to be in nature. Maribina Falls was one of our chosen destination because it was nearer to our place. We used motorcyle, it took us only  10 minutes. It is the most famous falls in Catanduanes and highly preserve nature because some local don’t want it to be commercialized. 
It will only cost you Php25 as intrance fee, plus 50 in cottages. It will not cost much but the experience is extravagant. The experienced was too especial to us because during our high school years, it was our “picnic” place. We created new memories  and reminisce the old times. Personally, I’m so glad I was with my partner when I visited the Maribina Falls. 

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