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Ate Rosalie’s Special Day at Hospicio de San Jose

What: Ate Rosalie’s Special DayWhen: December 02, 2012Where: Hospicio de San Jose

Spending a day with the abandoned people makes me realized how blessed I am and my family because no matter how tough life is we cling to each other love and nurture our dedication to make us united until death.

It was Ate Rosalie’s Day. I wasn’t aware of the said activities until Kleng informed me, at first I was hesitant to go because I was busy with school (doing research and case study). When I learned that it would be spend in charity I was delighted and my desire to help was really there.

I saw different faces and smiles of elderly. They were happy participating in parlor games. The room was full of laughter even with tears. While they were glad and joyous I can’t help myself but to wonder WHERE ARE THEIR REAL FAMILY? Why they abandoned them? I heard their stories, their sadness, their longingness to be in their family. I can’t understand why but I believe everything happened for a reason.

Ate Rosalie was so happy with the turn-out of events. She even had a reservation for February’s event. We will come back as we promised to the Lola’s.

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