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Graduation Pictorial

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Two years ago it was just a plan, Now it is a reality. I am grateful for Kleng, he is the one who convinced me in studying again, he supported me all the way.  I am thankful and he will always hold a special place in my heart for with out his unselfish encouragement  I won’t be able to get through. Last night we had a long hours of conversation, I still feel how he loved and valued our dreams. He still want me to pursue the dreams we built together. It wasn’t easy but at least he assured me that I did nothing wrong and he is proud of me.
Every one is asking me now “Bhing, what is your next step?” Actually, I have plans in my mind. I am just waiting for my papers to finally arrive. Going abroad is certain, but hopefully this time around it would not be as an OFW alone. There are lots of opportunities that keeps knocking yet I have to decide on the matter when my diploma is in my hand. Graduation will be on May 30, 2013, I have to finalized my papers by then. 

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