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I often asked myself, What is my purpose? What is the life I want to have? What are the things that would makes me happy? Kadalasan madami akong gustong gawin na may kasama ngunit sa pagkakataon na ito mag-isa akong pumunta ng Red Cross Quezon City Chapter. Madaming beses na akong nakapagbigay ng dugo but this time around I shared it with Red Cross.
As a person, It was my daily struggle finding the right direction because every time I knew exactly what I want things changed unexpectedly. Perhaps, it’s God way of saying trust me more and have more faith on me. I believed there are so many ways to honor HIM, and I want to serve HIM by doing voluntary works. I have to make my life more meaningful, and I want to do what is the real purpose why I am here on earth.
Nothing matters more than knowing my purpose in life.

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