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Philippine Animal Welfare Society (June 28, 2013)

 June 28, 2013
 Waiting for their food
 Having their share
 Make me pretty in your shot! 🙂
 so cute

 This is my place
 Common, get me!
 Don’t disturb me
 one of my fave pet in the shelter
 my chipmunk
 with good friend Marj
 “fall in line”
 What are you looking at?
 Please, I am not ready!

Help, I am falling!
I promised to have a day in a week for my voluntary work at Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). I am loving it there and being comfy doing a voluntary job at the shelter. One way of releasing my boredom is by playing with the cats. 
Last Friday I haven’t got a chance in walking the dogs because of heavy rain. I did washed the dirty towels that has been used in the clinic. It was really an experienced because at home I don’t do it. I got to talked and mingled with other volunteers too from different school and groups. 
My time spent in PAWS always special. It brings joy to me and becomes my outlet after my busy schedule at the Hospital. 

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