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You Are My Sunshine

Following the footstep of my dreams I got to you. I discovered the fairy tale world in you. In you, I can be me without getting any judgement. You embrace me with your loved and affection. My imperfections you overlook while I look at your perfections and sigh in wonder and amazement to have found someone like you. 
Before you I was floating in this endless void and life seemed like it couldn’t get worse and just when I had almost given up I found you. You are the reason why I have found the courage in me again. You are my inspiration to make it through all the obstacles that life has to offer. I can look into the mirror and smile back at the woman looking at me.

Every day is a happy day. You always put a smile in my face and inspires me. Our faith and religion has a good influence on both of us. I won’t forget the first time you read a bible in skype and shared your faith with me. You are the reason why I am excited to start my day. 

They say that true love is something that changes you life for a better, now my life is changing for the best . You showed me what it truly feels like to be in love truly and I am thankful for having you. You brought unimaginable joy and happiness into my life.

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