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Overseas Landbased Tripartite Concultative Council Meeting


The Registration

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac

with the participating panel from the different sector of the society (DOH, TESDA, DFA, Management and Agencies, Labor Groups and NGO)

Asec. Atty. Nicolas Lutero III (DOH), Special Assistan Mr. Renato O. Villa (DFA), Assistant Director Mr. Elpidio Mamaril (TESDA), Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac (POEA), and OIC Deputy Administrator Jesus Gabriel Domingo

attentively listening to the updates on Egypt, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia

with the head of Philippine Migrants Rights Watch

Mr. Jun Aguilar talking to Ms. Susan Toots Ople
I attended the 2nd meeting of Overseas Landbased Tripartite Conculative Council (OLTCC) in Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (Ortigas). The meeting started at 1:00pm with the participation of different sectors in the society. The government sector composed of DFA, DOH, TESDA, DOLE, POEA, and OWWA. Management and Agencies ASCOP, CLADS, OPAP, PAMANA, PASEI, PILMAT. Labor Groups/NGO like PEBA, OFW Family Club, COW, KALAHI, KAIBIGAN and KANLUNGAN.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac called the meeting to order at 1:45pm. He suggested to proceeds on the Agenda Proper, updates on Egypt, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia was delivered by Mr. Renato O. Villa.

Egypt Updates:*6,000 total of OFW’s  *2,500 OFW’s are willing to go home in case the scenario worsen.*79% of the OFW polulation stays in Cairo and Alexandria*Most of the Filipinos are students/scholars*Alert Level 11 (the embassy is closely monitoring the situation)
Taiwan:*87,000 total OFW’s*78% blue collar jobs
*268 ofw’s who were repatriated received assistance from the government
*Ban for OFW’s to work in Taiwan – Philippine and Taiwan government are trying to resolve the issues. Since the investigation is still underway they can’t comment on the issues.
*The MECO assured the public that Filipinos are safe

Saudi Arabia
* 1,058 were done processing their documents
*80% travel documents and passport complete
*11,000 hope to go home
*3500 wants to go home (very eager)
*everyday around 50 to 80 Filipinos only are being processed because there are many workers also that came from different country like Bangladesh, Nepal and others.
*The government officials remind the OFW to remain calm and vigilant during this ordeal.

During the meeting, heated debate arises when the medical fee issues was tackled by the DOH. Mr. Jun Aquilar raises questions about the slow improvement and response on their calls especially their fight to abolish medical fees that add to the burden of OFW.

I just hope soon they could come up with the solution to the problem. In my opinion, it’s been a long battle of OFW being eaten by the so called system. I myself don’t like the idea of being taken to the clinic to do my medical exams. Ang haba ng pila, siksikan. It is degrading and violated my right to privacy.

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