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Personality and Career Development Class

 Marialyn explaining her chosen topic
 discussing my point of view with the class
 I am an active student 🙂
 with our professor Dra. Nimfa de Vera

This class has so much impact in my life. I am becoming better person day by day. I learned a lot from the discussion especially the sharing part.

As a student it help me a lot to improve my personality and develop effective human relationships. I became more aware, look deeper on my self and understand not only ME but others.

I begun to notice and enhance my physical aspect, Intellectually I am making wise decisions and good judgement, I get along with different kinds of people by doing and saying the right thing at the right time, and I muster the courage of remaining cool and calm when faced with difficult situation.

I am determined to finish my course and take every opportunity I could have. 

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