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Last Day (Career Professionalism)

 with my classmates
 T for Tagumpay with Dr. Nimfa de Vera
 with Lisa and Bernalyn
with Regina and Bernalyn
 with Lisaour simple gifts for Dr. de Vera
 my classmates during my Table Manners report
 attentively listening to my discussion
Yesterday was our last day in Career Professionalism Module. We will start our training for Call Center Agent (this is the one month scholarship grant for CCD students of St. Paul). We are blessed for Dr. de Vera’s effort in developing our personality. The manners and etiquette’s will help us in different situation and will make us a better citizen of our society.
Last Sunday also, I’ve started my English Proficiency Class. My classmates are degree holder, they are taking the English class in preparation for  International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. I am challenging myself to correct my diction/accent and pronunciation and hopefully speaks English fluently.
Since my schedule is becoming hectic, I have to sacrifice my work at Medical City. 
Thank you Lord for always guiding my way.I love you Jesus!

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