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Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas indeed 🙂
“Masaya na nga ako mas lalo mo pang pinasaya ang Pasko ko.” You made my Christmas so memorable. Distance was not an issue in showing how you love me. Thank You so much!
I love you O’neal!
 Mall of Asia Invasion

 Bonchon Restaurant

 With Erwin (my relative), Mama and Rina.

 Tired from walking

 I am “fat” who cares anyway if the love of my life always sees me as his pretty angel. Glad I found him.

 Happy family

Stay with me, I won’t let you down.

I had a meaningful Christmas with my family.
1. When I woke up, I’ve got a fresh bouquet of red roses from far far away kingdom.
2. I shared my blessings to street children in Arayat Cubao, Quezon City. I gave foods and toys to them. Looking forward for my feeding program.
3. We had a bonding moment with my family in Mall of Asia. Originally my planned was to invade Star City but because of traffic and over crowded I’ve decided to just mingle with them in the Mall.
4. On our way home, we met my cousin for dinner. Mama was so happy to bond with him.

Thank you Lord for giving me all the blessings. To God be the Glory!

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