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Massage Therapy Session

Group 1
with Liza, Regina, Fhem, Deryl and Joseph
doing a shiatsu
i hope i did not break my client bones :))
Massage is the manipulation of superficial tissues that aims to relax, stimulates, and relieve pain in areas concern.
Someone asked me why study Massage Therapy if you already have a stable job in The Medical City? I answered back why not?

It was not my intention to study Massage Therapy. I was comfortable working at the hospital, although in my heart I still dream of studying and to try different course. Culinary Arts was one of my option, but the time frame will have an impact with my work so I let it go.

One of my Aunt who lives in the United States convinced me to pursue Massage Therapy because it is a demand in foreign country. She never run-out of convincing power, and at the end she influenced me in taking the course.

Who would not take it if the school have a good reputation? St. Paul University, Most Outstanding Student Services in the Philippines. I gained a lot from this institution, from personality development to my core competencies.

Next stop, I am planning to take Culinary Arts next semester while working.

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