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Reason to Be Happy

1. I have reason to celebrate, yesterday I’ve got my final grades in 3 modules 99.9. 2. Mama is coming to celebrate Christmas with us in Manila. 3. I’ve got the advance Christmas presents from my employer with thank you card. (I was so touched to read all the kind words written in the card)4. By January I will have my own feeding program for the street children. (so blessed to have somebody who’s willing to support me in my advocacy)5. I am candidate for scholarship although I am not sure if it will fits in my schedule. (still I consider it as a blessing)6. I’ve got an invitation from Ate Imbay (sis of Kleng) to celebrate Christmas and New Year but since Mama is coming I can only be with them on New Year’s Eve. (Thankful they still remain my closest ally)7. I have a open invitation to spend vacation in Taiwan, Ate Imbay will sponsor me to surprise Yeye this coming summer break.
I am indeed a lucky person on earth. Every thing now is smooth sailing. 

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