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A Moment

so tired today from work.The traffic also added to my despair. It took me 1 hour and a half, I think I dozed off in the jeepney. I went to Bacood to visit Kleng’s family. Ate Imbay was packing, Ma’am Salud was busy fixing her bags too. At around 7pm, every one was saying goodbye. Ate will go back to Taiwan, the rest will go home to Bicol.
I stayed for a while in the house, had my moment and suddenly I was taken into the “past.”This is the family that loves me, every one likes me. They never fails to show me how much my presence mean to them. Hugs and kisses are my constant companion every time I am with them. Although, things are different now I am still welcome and rest assured of their love and good wishes for me.
Do I have regrets? Definitely NO.No matter how traumatic and painful the relationship I had with my ex still I have many treasured moments with his family. This is one thing I will be grateful, and someday when I look back I am certain it will put a smile on my face.

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