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Certified Massage Therapist

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courtesy call before we had our TESDA assessement (Office of Center for Career and Development)
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“Look Up” thanking the Lord for all the blessings

Thank you God!
I passed the TESDA Assessment Examinations yesterday (written, oral, and practical skills). I am now Certified Massage Therapist. Unti- unti ko ng nalalasap ang bawat sakripisyo na aking ginagawa. Nest stop, Department of Health Exam. 
Last night while on bed, napaisip akong ipursue ang pagkuha ng license ko as a nurse. I’ll start looking for the review center that will enhance my knowledge and will give me ticket to get my license in nursing. Sumagi din sa isip ko ang magdoctorate in Alternative Medicines since kung kukuha ako nun 3 yrs na lang. 
Doors of opportunities are wide open for me.My desire to grab all chances that I have is very high yet I have to slow down because of personal quest. I will settle down soon, and start my own family.
for now, I am thankful for every thing! I am grateful for every body who bestowed their trust and lend their hands when my hands were empty.
God Bless!

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