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Hugged by an Angel

A not familiar number appeared in my inbox.

7:00 Am “Gusto ka daw po makita ni Mama, Angel po ito”

I thought it was just another missent message from stranger. I ignored it totally and go on with my daily routine with my patient. After 15-minute, my cellphone vibrated again, another message from the same number.

“Ate Gemma, makakapunta ka po ba?”

Curiosity struck me, I initiated a call.

All I uttered was “I will try but I am not sure because my off duty is at 4:00 pm and for certain traffic will be my burden going to your place”.
It was Angel, my former classmate in my basic competencies subjects. I am not close to her and I don’t have a memory mingling with her group. During our class, usually I mind my own business  and put imaginary wall because I wasn’t prepared for all the drama’s and issues surrounding peer pressure but as their Ate I’m always ready to listen and entertain their concern whenever they need me. Besides, it was my responsibility as a class representative to look after their welfare.
2:00 Pm “Ate, sige punta ka po”.

I decided to come.
She introduced me to her mother. “Mama, si Ate Gemma po, iyong nagbigay ng dugo sainyo”She held my hands, embraced me so tight and cried.
Every 3 months, it is my advocacy to donate my blood to the Red Cross or to the Hospital or even to the stranger. I don’t get a chance meeting and knowing the patient in person.

I will never forget my encountered with her. Her embrace was one of the sincerest hug I ever received and her thank you was one of the sweetest words I heard from a complete stranger.

God really works in unexpected ways. He always assured me that I am in a right track. I am convinced that to give back what I have and with what I can is my sincerest way of thanking those people around me who invested in my life. I am “PAYING it FORWARD” all the good deeds once they showed me.
I will never give up in doing good because it is my purpose why I existed.
Thank you Lord!

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