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Sweet Kiss

The Kiss
I am not feeling well today. Siguro ito na ang result ng sobrang pagiging busy ko nitong mga nakaraang buwan. I have cough and colds, luckily tomorrow day off ko pero start naman ng klase ko.
Pagpasok ko sa room, si Gumamela at Garfield ang sumasalubong sa akin. Malaking bagay na meron akong pets sa loob ng kwarto ko. Sila ang nakakasama ko at katabi matulog. 

Dear —–L,
I am counting the days now, summer is almost coming! I can’t wait to be with you. I believed there is no perfect life, that it is entirely impossible to have a perfect partner but unknown to every body you are showing me the perfect one.
You have shown me the harsh reality but comforted by the sweet possibility. Loving you is stress free. I am so relaxed and joyful. What makes me believe that what ours is almost perfect? It is because the contentment I feel right now is far from my imagination. I am happy where I am.
You had helped me maintain an attitude that allow me to enjoy the gift of life. I love you!
Take care!

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