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 How will you meet your challenges today?
Every day is a blessing. When I spend my time with Him at the beginning of the day I become acquainted with Him and start feeling inspired. Starting my day, talking with Him leaves no room for complaints and much room for gratitude and gratefulness. 
“Faithfulness in small things is a big thing”
While waiting for my boyfriend to go online, I got a message from high school friend. She’ll be having a despedida tonight in her condo at Mandaluyong. I was tempted to attend because for certain my former classmates will be there.
I decided to stay home because I need to review and focus on my case study about acupuncture. I miss him too,  so I chose to be spend my night with my online partner. hahaha!
Glad I stayed home. I really missed him. 
Dear —–L,
Time flies fast. It’s unbelievable that we’ve reach this far. Despite of my immaturity and shortcomings you remain devoted to me.
I can’t describe how much you mean to me. I don’t want to make this feeling to go away. I will be renewing our love everyday.
Thank you for showing me how much I have to be thankful for. You’ve touched my life in unimaginable way. I never been happy until I have you. I can’t wait for May to come. I love you so much!
I love you even more. I have been longing to get close to you.
Everything felt so natural. I don’t have stress in our relationship. It is hard for me to find what it is about you that attracts me so because all I can see is goodness. I suppose it might be your great sense of maturity, honesty and your charming personality yet nothing can encompass the love you have for Mommy Gwen. Every time I heard you talk about your relationship with Mommy Gwen, I felt really blessed because I am witnessing the unbreakable love of a son to his Mum.
I love you so much!

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