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Just Want You to Smile

Just thought I’d write you a short note to tell you how I miss you.
I can’t control the moment that you are away. I can’t even control our destiny but somehow I am wishing and praying that God will make our best love story.
Life is too short, so I have decided to spend my valuable time with the person I love. I want to spend my life time loving you. I can imagine myself with the rest of my life with you so in love. My heart longs to express my love for you.
You are the gift from God that I have waited for so long. When you come to my country, my family is willing to open to you as you well know.  My home is your home too; I hope you will feel their love and welcoming hands when you see me.
Last night I was a bit sad because of stressful routine in my work but hearing your encouragement was a good music into my ears. When you said, you will do everything to make me happy and have a comfortable life I didn’t noticed that my tears had fallen to my cheeks. You always make me feel I am special. You are my happiness. I see my forever with you. 
I love you so much Honey!

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