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I need time!
I’ve always held on to the belief that TIME IS GOLD. Every opportunities and chances I have, I need not waste it. I should grab and enjoy the process.
With my busy schedule, I am always running out of time. I missed some of important moments with my classmates, friends, and relatives. My dream vacation until now is just a dream.
I always do prioritize. I want my life in order. I have notes and organizer that states all the plans I have, things that have to be done and events that I must attend.
I am craving for a lovely date with someone, I am longing for a meaningful person-to-person conversation with the love of my life but right now it is not possible. Distance is one hard factor when you love that much yet the person so far.
The busyness of life and work sometime makes me sacrifice part of who I am, part of myself and in the process I feel fragmented but in those cracks, I have someone who is always brave enough to stand up on my side when all I can see are darkness. He gives me courage and means to mend.
I would like to think this is a common pattern, that I need to conquer for life is a trace of choices to live out the moment of greater clarity when I encountered turbulence. Last night, I felt alone and sleep was elusive. Then in the middle of my “little pity party” I remember how blessed I am. I have a man that in spite of my imperfections he showed me love and unquestionable understanding in my plight. Every time I am down, he lift my spirit and showed me that I am not alone, that God is always there.
This morning, his encouragement echoed like a sweet music in my ears. I am indeed safe in his arms! 

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