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I had a meaningful vacation in the province. I attended the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming of our elementary school. I was elected as a President of the Alumni Homecoming Association, actually I turned it down for I stay in Manila. I only go home once or twice a year, the fact that I can’t handle, be visible during all the meetings and endeavors of the organization I think I am not worthy to be president but all the teachers and fellow batchmates didn’t consider me as an incompetent rather they told me that inspite of my absence they could still feel my presence because of my eagerness to help and be part of school community. I’d been an active volunteer of the school even if I worked abroad, I never forgets to share whatever blessings I have.I was touched by the effort they made. I know in myself that I really want to help in the best I could make especially now that the responsibility is on my shoulder. I felt so blessed and humbled.Now, I am doing all I can to get IT materials for the school. I already talk to politicians, former students that lives abroad, and social media group that I’m a member. The party list that I had supportive during election promised to give a computer unit and projector.———————————————————————-It was also a happy family event. I bonded with my Mama, siblings, nieces and nephew. It was the best fiesta so far. I saw my old friends and collegues, I met my former teachers and mentors.——————————————————————Back in Manila, back to work and back to school.I am counting the days till the “big day”. I can’t wait to get my diploma from St. Paul.

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