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A Call from Yeye

Yeye has been rushed to the ER last Monday dahil natumba siya sa comfort room. Akala ko simpleng natumba lang but his ribs was affected. Last Weds he had a operation to realigned the affected area. I am worried because my sister is not used to seeing Yeye bed ridden, the fact that he’s in pain add to my distress and agony.
His family is urging me to visit Yeye kahit 2 weeks lang, sila ang bahala sa gastos pero I am torn between choosing to go to Taiwan or stay here in Philippines because my bf is coming on my birthday. Both are important to me. If I leave and spend time in Taiwan, my bf will postponed his vacation. (it also means postponement of my plans) plus the fact my Bf said I need to know who matters a lot. Happiness over utang na loob, Bf over work 🙁
Today he called me, asking me where I am, what taking me so long to visit him. 🙁  
It saddened me that the choices I have right now, either way will have an impact with them. I am praying hard, that God will enlighten me in my predicament. 

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