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Time Heals

 with Zhai and Langga a good friend meet and eat 🙂 another anglethe long distance friendship
I’ve known them for almost 8 years now.  Iyah and Angel is one of my good friend while Langga was an ex of my ex. Time really heals! Never in my wildest dream that I will befriended her because of the past. The pain was too excruciating that time and the humiliation was behind compare. God’s timing is always perfect, seeing her was a part of my closure from my past. Talking to her is just like saying, I moved on graciously. 
It was unexpected meet up, but I can say it was due. Thank you Iyah and Zhai for being part of the “historical” get together. 
Langga, your sorry means a lot to me. Thank you for allowing me to feel the powerful effect of prayers. I’ve been praying for this to happen because I want to be in harmony with my past. We may not be as close but at least we are civilized with each other. 
I am so blessed. I believed it is God’s way to finally put an end to animosity we had for a long period of time. I am happy!

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