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Being Me

Life is taking chances, grabbing all the opportunity you have.

But what if the “gamble” I made affects my whole being? Do I need to be swallowed by regrets? Last night while contemplating on so many unsaid emotions I realized that, my story will be my authentic “movie”. No one can ever dictate me nor suppress me to be me.

I made a choice!

I made a pact to myself, I’ll be more honest and straightforward regardless of what but I’ll be more sensitive in dealing with issues that will affect others.

”Bhing, you are too strong.”

I answered, “did you ever asked yourself, what if you only see the surface but beneath I am vulnerable.”

Behind Gumamela’s laughter and smile is the untold story of frustration, betrayal and disappointments. I am standing strong because that’s the only choice I have.

Being brave is being ME.

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