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A Decade of Friendship


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Kenjie, the founding Chairman of PEBA. He is an OFW in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I admire him for being calm despite the adversities we face in Social Media. His untiring effort in reaching out for OFWs tru his blog, his dedication to his family and his faithfulness to his wife is behind compare.
Hannah, the Secretary General of OFW Family Party-List. We became friends in unexpected ways, in time I am badly needed someone to talked to. I am one of the pioneer member of the OFW Family CLub in Taiwan way back 2004. We bonded well. Our friendship were tested by many tribulations and uncertainties but we remain loyal to each other.

Now a days, its a challenge to find a true individual who will stick to your side thru thick and thin but I am lucky enough I have them both on my side. Come what may I know they have my back. It is safe to say they will never tolerate me if they think my path and conviction is in jeopardize.

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