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Korea Trip

 Seoul Tower Incheon International Airport
 Seoul Global Center

Development Action for Women Network (DAWN)

The Development Action for Women Network  headed by Executive Director Carmelita Nuqui, Ms. Maryjoy Barcelona and Ms. Gemma Comiso left the Philippines last August 26, 2016 @1:00 in the morning for 4-hour flight to South Korea for the ASEAN-Korea Project: “Socio-Economic Cooperation for Returned Filipino Women Migrants and their Children at the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN)” The project aims to improve the socio-economic well-being of Filipino women migrant returnees to become financially independent to support their children and to provide assistance to the women migrants for their reintegration in the Philippine society.A joint project with Ms. Gennie Kim a marriage migrant, actively involved in the media, multi-cultural families, migrant counselor, and advocate for EPS workers in Korea. The project phase 1 aims to provides exposure activity with the different NGO’s and organizations for future partnership and possible Sikhay market. Introduce Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) work for migrants and their children thru media exposure. IOM Migration Research and Training Center (IOM-MRTC) supports to bring out the best ideas for cooperative development of ASEAN and Korea.  It was a 6-day event from August 26-30, 2016, composed of meetings, visiting other NGOs sector and Filipino community to further understand the needs of migrant workers and what are the deliverables with-in the reach of the organization, and learn from other organization on how to promotes the SikHay products.

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