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How to Attract The Right Person

Majority of us spend a lot of time finding a so called right man/right woman. Others really go a certain distance and effort just to arrived empty handed.
In my opinion we cannot have a right people around us if  we don’t act like one. We are the reflection of what we will become.

I think the major issue in pursuing our goal to have an ideal relationship mainly our own perception. We set high standards, (there is no wrong setting a good standard but we tend to look for perfection.

Our desire to the best sometimes fail us because we fall short to recognized our worth and limitations. We are human beings but we are dreaming of perfect We are pre-occupied by the ”Cinderella” story yet we forget that we have the power to create our own story. We want a happy ending but we collect “trash” along the way.
First step in attracting a right man is to love our self.  We need to know who we really are, we need to be whole as a person. Be committed to oneself  because the person who is contented with self have and edge in surpassing all the storms. People who have been in bad relationships are usually trying to find something outside themselves to fill up the emptiness, and it will never work. People who are empty attract others who are empty (or who are predators who prey on empty people.
People who are empty are prone to abusive, manipulative, chaotic types who keep them off their pins or they are prone to withholding people who punish them when they don’t “act properly. In any event, these types just add to the emptiness. While they might fill the void for a while, they usually make it quite worse in the long run.

Stop hiding your flaws. No one is perfect, so accept the fact that your partner will not be perfect. But do not compromise your values and principles because that is your inner self. Be with someone who bring the best out of you. It is a major plus if the guy you are with inspire you and know the purpose of being. Confidence and authenticity go a long way in life, love and relationships.

Be appreciative. Expressing our gratitude to someone is a sign of maturity.  People love to hear they are appreciated. Avoid comparison, your past relationship is over. Focus in what you have right now and what you intend to be.

You might not believe that the model of a relationship imprinted on your unconscious decades ago can affect your relationships now, but it does. The way you relate to yourself and, subsequently, the way you relate with others, are both strongly influenced by that imprinted standard. Until you can recognize it and move beyond it, you’re unlikely to find your highest choices being met.

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