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Broken Vow

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Broken Vow

A gracious hands appear,
Gradual vision through my tears,
Melancholy music,

a shield
a light
a promise

My life i shall command,
Can it be right to give my all?
To live on, still in love but yet in vain

comfort long
through love eternity
happiness i feel

Love me for love sake that forever more
I’m just human w/ imperfections,
To fail so,beside of love, the end of love,

sad memories
a shade of grief
a shadow

But love justified
Loving in silence
With my soul, my everything

Isolate Spirit
A long despair

Will that light come again?
I did not wrong myself
The hope vanished

lose hope in life

From innocent play, i miss the clear
At last i can answer now
I did my very best ’till the end

decietful desire
false self

If there is love i wonder why?
Why can’t be forever?
Why a broken vow?

  • 19

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