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High School Guest Speaker (Graduation Speech)

Bato Rural Development High School

2017 Graduation Rites

April 5, 2017

“Sabay -sabay Na Hakbang Tungo sa Kinabukasan”

ASDS Bernie Dispabeladero, EPS Cynthia Zoneja, PSDS Belen Tapas, Vice Mayor Roy Regalado, SB Member Rafael Buendia, School Principal Fidel Vegim, and his teaching and non-teaching staff, Educational Program Specialist Imelda Abejo, Administrative Officer Mercy Tejerero, Head Teacher of Academic Department Jose Roy Aguilar, Head Teacher of Vocational Department Lorezon Gando, Parents of the K to 12 graduates, Graduates and Completers, Visitors, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon.

“Determination is the key to Success”

20 years ago, I was also just a student like you, sitting on the same chair, wearing the public uniform, doing things like a typical public school student. I was a student full of dreams, trying harder to finish high school. I remember my high school days  and it brings back to my memories all the tears, laughter, bloopers, bad and good days of high school life. I could say that these are the things that you should’t miss in high school. It was really fun to be here and I considered it as a precious moments. But there’s one thing that is really precious to me during that time, and that is my studies.

I came from a simple family with simple life. My parents didn’t have the capacity to send me to high school, and there were a lot of things that we didn’t have. Hardship for me came very early in life as I lost my father when I was just 10 years old. I remember the time when I was about to finish my elementary school, Mama told me that I could no longer continue my studies, and I would be taking care of my sibling and niece because they needed to go to Manila for work.  From then, I experienced a lot of problems, and challenges, but despite all those things, I told myself that whatever happens I would not give up my studies.

Fortunately, there was a family who accepted me as part of their home, which I also considered my second home and the start of bigger and better things to come. Sinda sila Tiyo Mador  and Tiya Nena Templonuevo na dakulang parte kung sisay ako ngonian dahil sa sainda. Pinaadal ninda ako, ginuide para maovercome ang gabos na frustration ko sa buhay. Kaidto kapag sinabing hari ka sa Barrio medyo suplon, kulang ang confidence sa sadili pero luckily naovercome ko iyon asin napabilang sa star section. Igwa nin time na naglipat ako sa non-star dahil medyo dae ko kaya ang pressure na pagsabayon ang trabaho asin schedule  sa pageskwela, pinabarik man sympre ako sa star section. Dae ko malilingwan si Ma’am Ofelia Rodulfo asin Sir Arnulfo Vargas, pag Saturday yaagda ninda ako sa school  para maglimpya o minsan mag ayos nin mga books,  tapos aabutan ninda ako nin imo para pang mirienda ko daa, ang dae ninda alam yaipon ko iyon ta paga paribod ko sa San Roque yatao ko ki Mama para igwa nin pambakal nin bagas. Dakulang tuwang sa sako nin mga tawong naniwala sa sakuyang kakayahan na nagsirbing ilaw sa sakuya Mrs. Fe Zuniga asin Mrs. Aida Bitarra, sa sakuyang magurang asin mga tugang, sa pamilya Regalado lalo na ki Rhonel Regalado, salamat.

Along the way, I’ve encountered so many trials; bad decisions, wrong circle of friends, missed chances, and opportunities. During those times, I fell down and got broken. It is easy to give in to the defeat, to give up and stay broken but I didn’t allow myself to stay there. For me, it is not important how many times your fell down, what is important is how many tomes you got up and stood again. It fired my desire to strive more and do better.

Right now, I am an OFW Advocate and co-host of Radyo OFW, lobbying for the welfare and protection of OFW and families, sharing hope to the hopeless, and giving voice to those who have found themselves in despair and distress. I am not only serving one family but a lot of families. I am proud of what I have gone through and what I am now. I never dreamed about this, but I guess my determination to succeed brought me here. It is very clear to me now that who and what we were in the past has something to do with what we will become in the future.

Iyong purpose nin adbokasiya ko para sa mga OFW mas lalong nagtao sako nin inspirasyon na ipadagos dahil saro sa magurang na gapagraduate ngonian narescue nin samuyang grupo sa abroad.

Along your journey there will be a lot of challenges that will come your way. Imagine that you are climbing a mountain and the peak of the mountain is your dream, you will encounter many trials that will test your strength. Some people will break you, some things will make you crazy sometimes,  The more you go up to that mountain of dreams, the strongest the pressure, so you have to be ready to face the obstacles towards your dreams. Dae nin short cut para maging matagumpay ang tawo, gabos na proseso aagihan ninyo pero ini ang mamold sa sainyo para pahalagahan ang gabos. Ang pag-abot ko sa sakuyang mga pangarap igwa nin mga setbacks, 9 years ko naset aside ang schooling dahil mas ininot ko ang pagsilbihan ang sakuyang pamilya. Naging OFW ako, pero sa 9 years na iyon, taon-taon basta maabot ang Marso, pigahibian ko. sabi ko saarin daw ako makatungtong nin stage para tanggapun ang diploma sa kolehiyo? Kaso napatapos ko na ang sakuyang tugang pati pamangkin, nagdesisyon ako na magparibod na sa Pilipinas para ipursue ang naudlot ko na pangarap. 2013 naggraduate ako sa Nursing Course na nakua ang Academic Excellence Award pero dae pa ako nagstop duman, nageskwela ako sa St. Paul University Quezon City  for Center for Career Development program (CCD) taking the highest honor ar an Outstanding Graduate of 2015.  Ngata ta yashare ko ini sa sainyo? igwa sainyo baka dae na makadiretso nin college pero dae ninyo pagtaw an nin ending ang saindong pangarap. You need to be street smart, ang logic pati knowledge bako sanang nakukua sa classroom.

Also in fulfilling your dreams, it is not only the destination that is important, how you get there is the most important part of your journey. Make good decisions, and ask guidance from our Almighty God. Love and obey your parents and dedicate your work to them. They will only live once, so make all the best for them. Whenever you go and whatever your become, stay humble and keep your feet on the ground.  Kapag naabot na ninyo ang inyong pangarap barikan ninyo ang mga tawong nakatuwang sa saindo.  Dae kamo makalingaw sa sainda.

As the famous saying by the late Eleanor Roosevelt ” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Do not shortchange yourselves or settle for less when you know you can do more and achieve more. Who knows the future leaders and innovators of our country be it a scientist, inventor, artist, or even president of this country could be you or the person sitting next to you. Only time would tell and only determination will get you there. One of the things that will enable you to achieve success is this piece of wisdom that I have learned over the years; choose your friends wisely. Surround yourselves with people who will motivate you to achieve your goal and become a better version of yourself rather than those who will serve as bad influence who will bring you down instead of lifting you up.

In the battle of life you must arm yourselves with good education, your true friends, the support of your family and mentors and most of all your unshakable determination  and only then can we embody the very theme of there graduation rites; Sabay sabay na hakbang tungo sa Kinabukasan. Kung kita mahinguha, dae nin impossible. Uya ang saindong  mga maestro asin maestra, ang saindong mga magurang na handang sumuporta sa pangarap ninyo. Gabos makakaya  nindo.

As we recognize your achievements today, let us bear in mind that you will not be standing where you are today if not for the love and guidance of your teachers at home, that is your parents and your 2nd parents; your teachers in school who have helped light your path as you climb up the ladder of education.

Again, Congratulations to all the students for working hard to get where you are today.  Thank you once again for inviting me to speak to this group of such bright and talented you men and women. Each of you has the potential of being great leaders that will be influencing and molding the shape of our beloved nation for future generations to come. With your diploma in hand, I sincerely hope that it will give you a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.


(*My heartfelt gratitude to my former teachers Mrs. Hildelita Molina, Mrs. Marmie Vargas, Mrs. Nelly Pereyra (+), Mr. Reuben Timajo, Mr. Rafael Buendia, Mrs. Letecia Pereyra, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Ruth Perdigon Bohayo, Mr. Lorenzo Gando, Mrs. Socorro Mendez, Mrs. Aldave, Mrs. Salud Regalado,)


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