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By: Gemma Comiso

Like magician it appears,
In my lonely nights & crazy world,
Shadows of yesterday comes running after me,
Put me in prison & deserted isolation

Excess baggage, extra luggage i may say,
Unfulfilled dreams & a person i want to be,
Insufficient answers, lopsided priorities,
Failure & depression is taking & dragging me.

Pain finally enters, along w/ deep & inexplicable longings,
Rejections and abandonment distracting my senses,
Emptiness resides, boredom is certain,
Images of the past too much for my memory.

Self-denial increases my frustrations
Gigantic tribulations causes severe distractions
Commitments that I’ve made are likely to fail,
I’ve misconstrued vanished in thin air.

Broken promises of friends & loved ones,
Sometimes block my willingness to persevere,
Create problems that i don’t want to entertain,
But shadows are hard to ignore but easy to attain.

While i am bleeding in the other side,
No friend of mine come to rescue me,
The scene crashed & tried to suffocates me,
Little by little killing my self identity.

My time is ticking hope is behind reach,
Shadows overpowered me, clouded my thinking,
Danger is coming in full length,
End of the road, nothing more but darkness

…….my emptiness!

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