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The Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) is a non-government development organization created on February 6, 1996 to assist Filipino women migrants in Japan and their Japanese-Filipino Children (JFC) in the promotion and protection of their human rights and welfare

It has three major programs:
1. Social Services
2. Alternative Livelihood
3. Research and Advocacy


A society where women and men share equal opportunities for a just and humane living, creating empowered and self-reliant families in communities where each one cares for one another in the spirit of peace based on justice; and where migration is an option that is respected and protected.

To live hope with the Filipino people, especially with the returning distressed migrant women and JFC, through programs and services that enable them and their families to regain and strengthen their sense of dignity and self-worth and reclaim their wholeness.

To generate strong public support for the promotion of issues, rights and concerns of Filipino migrants and their families, as well as possible alternatives to their families, as well as possible alternatives to their situation.

Ensure the immediate reintegration of returning distressed migrant women with their families and the larger Philippine society.

Create alternative livelihood opportunities for returning migrant women as an option to migration.

Generate a strong public opinion against all forms of abuse, violence and discrimination inflicted on migrant women and children.

Build a wide network of support for distressed Filipino migrant women and their families.DAWN has an aggressive advocacy and networking program to ensure public awareness of the plight of women migrant workers and Japanese Filipino Children (JFC); and generate support for their cause. It plays host to around 300 visitors per year as a result of its advocacy and networking efforts.

Development Action for Women Network (DAWN)Unit 3, 3/F BCC1253 J. Bocobo-P. Faura St. Ermita 1000, Manila

Email: dawnphil@pldtdsl.net

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