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16 Needles Found Inside Baby’s Body

As many as 16 needles have been found inside the body of an 11-month-old baby in Uzbekistan.

The baby was operated at the Republican Scientific Centre of Emergency Medicine in capital city Tashkent. Doctors had a 9-hour long surgery to removed the needles. The needles were removed from his heart, neck, spine, colon and bladder.

According to the Mirror, the needles were discovered by the doctor in an X-ray after the baby suffered from fever and faced problems in urinating.

The doctors and authorities can’t  determined as to how the needles entered his body, the boy has living with the foreign object inside his body for a month.

The child is being taken care of by the mother, and the child’s father works in Russia.

Police in the Fergana region of ex-Soviet state Uzbekistan have begun a probe into how the needles were inserted in the child’s body – and who was responsible.

The head of children’s department Professor Khabibulla Akimov said that the child could not have swallowed the needles himself.

Investigation is under way.

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