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Day 1 in New York

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I am enjoying the weather here. As one of my friend will called it “centralized air condition. I received plenty of private messages asking me if I am homesick, to be very honest I am not. Perhaps it because of my personality that I can easily adopt to the environment or the fact that I was an OFW before, i am used to being alone and create new adventure.

Today, i had my first encountered with Filipina who is married to American. She lives in New York for 7 years now, she hails from Pangasinan. I also met her son.  It’s always a good feeling meeting somebody that came from Philippines. What funny was when she talked to me,  she’s using English ” Akala ko kasi Mexican ka, iyong looks mo kasi parang Mexicana”.  She is now my facebook friend. I am expecting soon I will meet many Filipinos in the area.

I’m still adjusting to the time zone, my body is  still trying to acclimate to the 12-hour time difference but hubby is kind enough to let me do my own thing and be with my own world. He is so supportive. One way of being IN to the place is to see the tourist attraction and learned the basic way of life. He introduced me to the public transportation, explain  the DO’s and DON’T’s, what to expect and he make sure to educate me on where to hop-in and off the platform. First ride is on 3rd Avenue to 225 St.

People were staring at me, many even talked to me in Spanish. They thought I am Mexican here 🙂 One thing is for certain is NYC never sleeps. People were busy, rushing…. it seems to catch up with them you need to have to BE INVOLVE in their world.

In the afternoon we went to Mc Calls Funeral Services to arranged Mommy’s Memorial Service on Sunday @pm. Hubby wanted me to write the obituary, I am so honored that in spite of being stranger or new to the family he has given me a big task in honoring his Mom. Hubby loves his Mom so much, she means a world to him. I am quiet concern after the funeral.


To be continued….


(This blog article is my personal journey, nothing more, nothing less.)



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