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My Journey To New York

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Feb, 19, 2018

Bound to New York


Mixed emotions were rushing…

I was excited.

I was delighted,

But at the same time at the back on my mind, I had questions. I think it was a normal feeling because this journey is different from my life as an OFW.

I entered USA using K1 Visa (Fiancee Visa). I had given 90 days to stay and with in that period, me and my hubby should get married or else I will go back to the Philippines. I have no doubt hubby will never failed but I can’t help myself to worry.


I had encountered Filipino going to US too, same status of me but they were with their fiance while I was traveling alone. The anxiety gets into me because some of my friends told me that in the immigration they will give you hard time once you were not in the company of your fiance.

I was on board @5pm via China Airlines 704. My planned was to visits my sister in Taiwan, but in Taoyuan International Airport, they did’nt allow me to go so I have no choice but to spent 22 hours inside the Airport. While waiting, I’ve got the bad news from Hubby, Mommy Gwen passed away. I was shocked! at that moment I wanted to comfort my hubby but I was far… (almost there) but too far away.

We left Taiwan @5pm, a 16 hours travel to John F. Kennedy Airport. Landed safely!

There was no interview in the immigration, it was a total of exaggeration because the Immigration Officer just got the yellow parcel from US EMbassy in Manila and told me I have 90 days period to stay in the US unless I get married. It was a relief!

8:20pm, I was in Hubby’s arms.


to be continued….





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