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Bonding With My Mentor

IchiUmi Sushi and Seafood Buffet Restaurant @ 32nd  between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, NY

It was a meaningful get together, who would thought that my mentor (Ma’am Mel) and I would experience dinner in Manhattan, together with my hubby. Its a celebration of life, friendship and advocacy centered goal. Its always a welcome occasion when you are far from your country that someone would spend time with me.

There’s a good number of selection ranging from hibachi to sushi to cooked foods to salads and even hot pot. This place is easily the best no hassle deal.Typically traditional sushi consists of raw fish, and they have a whole section on the menu of traditional options.  I encourage you to look at the menu before going just because it’s so different than a typical sushi restaurant . What makes it more special, waiter/waitresses were Filipino, very attentive and consistently checked on us with a smile. As we sat at our table, next to us were tagalog speaking people.

Foods  were both delicious and very well prepared!

So far, they say I’m still in honeymoon period of my stay in America. Homesick is far from coming. To be honest, I don’t feel sad or homesick unlike when I decided to become an OFW in Taiwan. Oneal makes sure, I am comfortable and well-taking care of. I am such a lucky girl to be treated this way or should I say to be spoiled. Every girl dream is to have a responsible and matured man in dealing with sudden tantrums (only girl can identify… hahaha)


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