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Macy’s Flowers Show 2018

What: Macy’s Flower Show

Where: Macy’s Herald Square at 151 W 34st Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.

When: March 25-April 8, 2018

Enchanting arrangements, floral and fairy tale. This season’s theme at Macy’s Flowers Show “Once Upon a Springtime” show imagines an amazing world of wonder. The fantasy-inspired installations feature original characters and sculptures that all play on classic fairy themes. It was a breathtaking delight and adventure to enter the famous store full of flowers of  different kind from  around the world, brightly hued blooms arranged in artful displays that hopelessly upstage the perfume counters. It has a romantic settings where heroic characters triumph over competing forces usher in the beauty of spring.

Flowers show is not new to me because in Taiwan, I saw many times the World Flower Expo in Taipei City but what captivates me was the fact it is inside the largest department store in the world. Imagine, entering the store, you are welcome by the beauty of nature and mesmerized by sweet-smelling foliage.

You see nature and shop at the same time.

I saw lots of roses, tulips, definitely a moat made of forget-me-nots and maybe one or two orchid dragons that artistically arrange in fairy tale manner. I saw people from different walks of life, children, seniors and young lovers making the best of it.

I am glad it’s part of my 2018 in NYC


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