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Letter to My Father

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I don’t know what happened to me today, i just felt a roller coaster ride of emotions. It started early in the morning, hearing the song Dance with My Father, I started crying.

Perhaps, I missed Papa more than ever. The memory that we shared during my younger years vividly playing in my mind. My family will always tells me that I am Papa’s pet.

Dear Papa,

I am here, longing for your embrace. It’s been 28 years since the last time I hugged you. I was devastated for your passing. I even questioned everything, why so soon? Why God allows family to be separated by death in early year. I was scared and lost. The family almost “breakdown” because of your passing but because of the help of your friends and family we managed to survived.

I am glad I have a countless father -daughter memories to cherish even though you gone soon, my heart was full of good memories of you. Whenever you lifted me in your strong wide arms and enveloped me in the warmest tightest hug possible, I know you will always the man I can take refuge.

The man that always inspires me was you. I remembered how you became my hero, my comfort every time I felt sad or hurt. You made me felt special and your princess. I missed those days that I had to do things together, watching movie in Virac Theater, and had dinner at Grace Restaurant. How you bribe me every time I’ve got star/very good and perfect score in the exams. You encouraged me to reach for the star and you have faith on me that I could fly high with my chosen path.

Your friends will tell me that I got most of my personality from you. You are the tower of my strength. I become a warm-hearted soul and caring because I saw how you respected and valued others. No one will argue if I say, I am just like you, stubborn but compassionate, hardheaded but very family oriented. I have now realized the true depth of your presence through my life.

Fast forward

I am now a wife of a responsible & caring man and starting a family. Just like you, he is a good provider and have a caring heart for the family. Please continue to guide us and our Angel.

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