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Stay Single Until You Meet This Guy

Finding someone is a hard task, for someone it will take a lifetime to find someone show will complete your life and for some even if you think you found the love of your life still every day you will get frustrated or disappointed. There is no perfect formula in finding a right one, because we have our own flaws and shortcomings but we can choose a partner that will inspireĀ  and help us to grow, to become a best version of our self.


1. A guy who will kiss you goodnight every night.


2. A guy who will make you laugh your heart out.


3. Someone who will hold your hand and kiss you in public.


4. A guy who can’t wait to introduce you to his friends.


5. A guy who won’t be afraid to commit.


6. A guy who will cook for you and take you out on romantic dates.


7. Someone who will give you goosebumps every time.


8. Stay single until you meet a guy who is mad about you.

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