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First Finger Foods For Babies


Finger foods are small pieces of safe foods that a baby can pick up and ear by herself. For a parent, this milestone is overwhelming at the same time challenging because of realization soon the baby will become more and more independent and small task will be accomplish by them without the full attention of a parent.

As a parent, you can introduce finger foods once your child can sit up on her own. You can use her thumb and fingers to pick up small things (finger grasp). All of this happens around 9 months. Before you introduce your child to the food or starting on finger foods make sure you check to your doctor first.

To stay safe, always have a child in a sit up while eating, and remain nearby in case she starts choking.


Good Foods To Try

1. Cheerios cereal

2. Water type crackers, bread, and soft tortillas without nuts, seeds and chunks.

3. Soft canned fruits, cut into small pieces.

4. Well cooked vegetables, cut into small cubes.

5. Well-cooked noodles.

6. Tiny cubes of soft tufo

7. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and scrambled eggs.


Foods To Avoid

  1. Grapes, berries or raisins.
  2.  Nuts
  3.  Potato chips and popcorn
  4. Fruits that under ripe, dried, unpeeled, or in chunks.
  5.  Corn
  6.  Candy, gum, and marsmallows
  7.  Raw or under cooked  vegetables
  8. Hot dogs or luncheon meat
  9. Chunks of peanut butter



1. Combine a small amount of a new food with one your baby already likes, gradually increasing the portion of the new flavor. She will get used to the taste and you will have a chance to notice any allergic reaction.

2. Babies often insist on playing between bites. Be patient.

3. Blowing food out of her mouth is another fun past time at least for her.

4. Do not force the baby to eat.

5. If she gags on or can’t swallow the new food, she is not ready for it.  Wait another week and try.


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