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Alagang aso na nawala ng apat na taon, natagpuan gamit ang social media

The internet and social media is a very powerful and useful tool for today’s generation. Through the help of social media, a lot of missing persons and things can be found easily with the help of social media users. Even looking for a missing pet, social media is the biggest key to finding it.

A dog named Bonbon went missing for 4 long years from his owners after they take it on a car trip. Nang Noi Sittisam and her husband bring Bonbo along to visit their son Khon Kaen last February 16, 2015.

When they are along the way home, and they stopped over a gasoline station, Nang Noi can’t find their dog in the backseat of their car. They suspected that Bonbon jumped out of the car while they wait for the go signal of the traffic light and they did not notice it. They went back to look for their pet, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find him. Weeks, months and years past, the couple thought that something bad happened to their dog already and it was dead by now.

On the other hand, a woman named Saowalak found Bonbon near the road. She took pity seeing the malnourished dog by the road every day so she gives him food always. Someone saw her feeding the dog and ask what happened.

According to Saowalak, the dog is always nearby the road every day, like it was waiting for someone that is why she is feeding her there.

Since then someone posted the story on social media until the news reached Nang Noi. They were very grateful that Bonbon was still alive all these years and they could finally see it again.

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