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Blind Vendor Sells Bread Despite Condition But Some Customers Keep Stealing Her Goods

Life is hard and some only live from selling on the streets. The only primary source of some people that they could do daily. Street vendors usually sell their products in a crowded area, where there are a lot of people that could buy them. Nevertheless, street vendors were advised by the authorities to be more aware and vigilant of their surroundings because of some customers are deceiving vendors and steal goods and cash.

The Facebook page “I AM EAT” shared photos of a blind vendor selling bread, but some customers keep on stealing her goods. The old lady was identified as Ann Nid. She chooses to sell bread to earn money rather than staying at home to finance her daily cost of living.

Her family helps her to bring boxes of bread to the shop with the prices clearly indicated on the products. She sells each piece of bread for 50 baht ($1.64) but only gets a profit of 5 baht ($0.16) per piece. Some customers take advantage of her condition and steal some of the bread.

The online community took pity of Aun Nid and was mad at those dishonest individuals who keep the advantage of the old hardworking lady.

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