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Ganito pala talaga tratuhin ni Raffy Tulfo ang kanyang mga anak

Raffy Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. Who wouldn’t know Raffy Tulfo, right? Even foreigners know him and even ask for his help in his weekday afternoon radio program entitled, Wanted SA Radyo, on Radyo5 92.3 News FM with Niña Taduran.

He is one of the well-known personalities and broadcasting journalists in the Philippines. He is a strong-willed person that is very approachable and always helps people who went to his programs.

No matter what your rank in the society he would not falter facing you. There were even times that Raffy faced big fishes in the business industries and politics. Those moments you could see him without hesitation and cowardice. No wonder a lot of people admired him. He is also faithful to his job and helping fellow Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad who were oppressed.

Because of his nature of work, a lot criticizes him, but his family was very proud of Raffy especially Maricel Tulfo, his firstborn child.

Maricel was dubbed ‘Daddy’s girl’ she and her father were close since she was a little girl.


According to her, she can lean on her father anytime. She could talk to him anything, even in her personal life and love life. She added that her father’s attitude is way different when he is working and when he is around with his family and friends.

“We have a very good relationship. He is my Dad and at the same time, he is my best friend.” Maricel said in an interview.

The Tulfo’s always travel abroad for vacation. This also made Raffy to bond with his kids. But there were times when they have misunderstandings, especially when Maricel hits adolescence.

“There was a time when I stopped dating guys because I was afraid if I introduced a guy to my dad he wouldn’t be open to me having a boyfriend,” she said.

But it was all in her head because one day her father approach her and told her that it is fine to date. But he needs to court her in their home so he would make an acquaintance and know him better.

Maricel said, “But he came and talked to me out of nowhere and told me that it’s okay with him if I date guys as long as the suitor courts me at home so he would get to know him too.”

Indeed, Raffy Tulfo is one ‘cool’ father. Aside from Maricel, he also had a son named Ralph Tulfo. Such lucky children for having a wonderful dad.

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