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Gasoline Girl receives Scholarship after returning money over php200,000

Due to poverty and the determination to work even though, without a degree, a lot of people work for low salary jobs just to bring food on the table. Some stop studying just to have a job. Working hard every day to provide and help the family’s daily needs is not easy. But what would you do if you found a bag full of money?

A gasoline girl named Abigail Degamo found a bag that has money amounting P200, 000. The said money is for the expenses for a school Intrams. Because of her honesty and integrity, the said school gives her a reward and a 4-year scholarship.

Abigail is working at a gasoline station in Davao City and she found the bag in the road near the said station. She was surprised to discover it had P200, 000 cash inside because there are a lot of vehicles passing by the road she did not know who the owner of the bag.

Instead of keeping it for herself, she brought the bag in the nearest ABS-CBN station to turn over the bag and broadcast it, so it could be returned to the right owner.

According to Abigail, she could easily spend the money she found, but it is not easy to spend the money she didn’t earn because she always thought about what the real owner would feel.

Cheryl Apilan, an employee of the Student Affairs Office of Davao Merchant Marine Academy College of Southern Philippines, was the owner of the bag. She was glad to know that Abigail turns over the bag of the ABS-CBN station because that money is not hers, but for the school’s intramural expenses. If the money couldn’t be found, she would be the one to pay it, but God answered her prayers, she was very grateful towards Abigail.

When Cheryl learned that Abigail is an Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduate, the school did not only give her a cash reward, but also a 4-year scholarship from the school’s special program. Abigail was very happy saying she could go back to school again.

Indeed, doing good deeds would reap good deeds too.

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