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Is Julia Montes preparing for a comeback soon?

Julia Montes or Mara Hautea Schnittka in real life is a Filipino actress of German descent. She is dubbed as the afternoon drama princess of ABS CBN. She took a break from showbiz limelight since late last year, there are alleged rumors that she is pregnant with Coco Martin’s child. A piece of information circulated online last March that the alleged pregnant actress already gave birth.

Nevertheless, No one from the camp of the rumored couple has denied nor confirmed if the allegation were true. Lots of people have been waiting for her comeback to the limelight.

Lately, the actress often updates on her social media and her recent post is about a hair salon. Many speculated that Julia is preparing for her comeback in showbiz. If ever her comeback rumors were true, a lot of folks would be happy. Aside from her angelic face and beauty, Julia is considered as one of the best actresses in the Philippines.


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