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Jimuel Pacquiao Received his first luxury car from Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a well-known personality not only in the Philippines but throughout the world. His boxing career is very impressive and through boxing, he is very successful today. Manny’s assets and properties are all over the different places here in the country and abroad. He is very wealthy and his children are very lucky to be his offspring. Having a rich life, his children were born with a golden spoon already.

Though they were upper class, Pacquiao’s are very humble and down to earth. As a matter of fact, they had helped a lot of people already. They shared their blessing often with the less fortunate. Because he knows how it is to be in poverty, he always extends his help to the ones who needed it the most no wonder why Manny was well-loved by the crowd.

Recently, YouTube Channel “Team Sisson” shared a video where Manny surprised his eldest son, Jimuel Pacquiao with a luxury car. It can be seen in the video how surprised and happy Jimuel is upon receiving his gift.

According to Jimuel, that Corvette Stingray has been his first-ever luxury car and expressed his gratefulness to his father.



Manny surprised his son because he knows how he is working hard for his training and fight. He said Jimuel is a good and loving son. Also, because of his achievements this year, he gives him a gift of appreciation for his hard work and for making him proud of his achievements.

It was very clear how glad Jimuel because of the gift he received, he immediately drives test it around their subdivision. Pacquiao’s eldest son shows his appreciation for his father’s gift.

They are truly lucky to have a wealthy father, right? What can you say about these guys?

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