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Jinkee Pacquiao Announced To Sell Her Expensive Designer Collections For A Charity

Jinkee Pacquiao married Senator Manny Pacquiao in the year 2000. They have five offspring namely Emmanuel Jr., Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and Israel. Their family is a good role model that has determination, strength, down to earth and God-fearing. They were quite blessed with all of Manny’s achievements in his boxing career. They always help people in need and share their blessings.

As the wife of “Pambansang Kamao” and Senator Manny Pacquaio, Jinkee Pacquiao is indeed a blessed wife. She got everything she wants, be it luxurious jewelry, bags, clothes and the list follows on. She has a great fashion sense and always on the trend.

Recently she announced that she will have a garage sale and will sell her collection of clothes from different designer brands, bags, and shoes. The brands she would sell are her collections of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent. She even said to everyone her shoe size is 6.



The proceeds of all the sale will be donated to their foundation “Jinkee and Manny Heart Foundation”. The charity helps to give free care for Filipino children.

Up until now, a lot has been waiting for the announcement of the final date, when would Jinkee hold the garage sale. Many celebrities commented on Jinkee’s Instagram account like Yasmien Kurdi, KC Concepcion, and Nadine Samonte, they are interested in the things the People’s Champ would sell.

Are you interested in Jinkee’s garage sale too? Please feel free to leave your comments and reactions.

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