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Julia Barretto announces launching own Youtube Channel, earns different reactions online

Not long ago when the rumored breakup of the couple Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonso circulated online, Julia Barretto was dragged with the issue. The young actress was allegedly the third party of the relationship.

And now she made it to the headline again when she decided to make her own YouTube channel for her fans and supporters.

On her Instagram account, Julia announced that she is officially on YouTube.

“It’s official, I’m going to be on Youtube! I’ve been thinking really long and hard about this for almost a year already. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to finally do this. Just Julia’s first episode is launching tomorrow! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do, link in profile,” she quipped.

The teen actress expressed her appreciation to all the people who inspired her in creating her own YouTube channel, where videos will be uploaded about her personal life.

After the prominent actress posted the announcement on her Instagram account, a lot of her fans were excited, but some have uncalled for opinions about it. A lot can’t wait to see her videos, while other fans are worried that due to the actress’s posts she might just get bashed.

Here are some of the mixed reactions from Julia’s announcement.


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