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Lalaking nakabuntis, P200 pesos ang sustento kada 3months sa kanyang mag-ina

Being a single mom at a young age is not easy, especially if you don’t have any source of income. A 19 years old single mom from Cabagan, Isabela seeks help in Raffy Tulfo’s show. She complained to Raffy about her ex-boyfriend who only gives P200 pesos every three months of support to their child.

Lovely has been just 17 years old when Christian impregnates her. He promised to marry her, but on the wedding day, he did not arrive. His mother just informed Lovely that they would just support the child. It was really hard for an unemployed single mom to raise her child alone. According to Lovely when her baby was sick the family of Christian would not give money unless they do video-clip to prove to them the child was indeed sick. They would only send money after confirming that she was telling the truth. It was also made known to the viewers that Lovely is the third woman Christian got pregnant.

“Nangako po syang papakasalan ako tapos ano hindi po sumulpot po… namanhikan sila sa bahay tapos nagharap-harapan po kami nag-usap na kahit simple lang po ba. Nangako naman po yung nanay nya na oo ganun papakasalan nya ako. Tapos sabi ng Kapitan namin kahit sa mayor lang, sabi ng magulang nya po e sa pista nalang sa June, e libreng kasalan. Tapos yun po hindi sumipot, tapos tumawag po yung kapitan namin na ano itutuloy ba yung kasal ng batang to, e sabi ng nanay nya susustentuhan ko nalang yung bata sabi nyang ganun,” Lovely stated.

The poor teenage pregnant was also banished by Mrs. Marayag and her son made that as an excuse that Lovely’s place is far away from their house so he couldn’t attend the wedding. She also said that this guy only gives her P200 pesos every three months of child support.

“Atleast meron kang trabaho, so bakit naman sir P200 lang kada tatlong buwan? E-divided by mo yung P200 kada tatlong buwan e di yan kayang ma-estamate ng calculator sobrang liit.” Raffy said.

“Kaysa two pesos a day dapat ibigay mo sa kanya P200 pesos a day.” Raffy added.

Raffy explained to Christian that if he did not give enough child support for the child, he would help Lovely to file charges against him for not supporting his child. And the police would put him in jail, the lowest sentence would be 6 years.

Also, The Raffy Tulfo in Action Team would accompany Lovely to Tuguegarao so they could talk face to face in the barangay and settled everything. Christian’s employer would be invited too, so the restaurant he is working as a cook would vouch and made salary deductions on his earnings and it would be given to Lovely directly.

P200 pesos every three months is equivalent to two pesos every day, imagine that? What could P200 pesos do for three-month support for a child? Diapers are a must for babies and milk is expensive too. What did this guy even think of when he sends that money to her and still be arrogant.

What do think about these guys?

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