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Man Attempts to swim from Cebu to Bohol Because he has “no money” to buy a ticket

Because of poverty, a lot of people would do everything just to have money. Some would commit a crime and some would just lose hope. Some would find legal ways and some chose to do illegal things. No matter what we do sometimes we make mistakes in all our actions and also because of extreme needs do.

A man was seen swimming from Cebu to Bohol to visit his departed relative, he was identified as Ceferini Angco. This incident happened last November 2018.

Because he doesn’t have enough money to buy a ticket Mang Angco decided to swim to get to Bohol. The coast guard saw him floating near Talisay Port in Cebu. The man was surrounded by styrofoams to make him float. The coast guards rescued him and give him clean, dry clothes to wear. He was brought to the office of the Port then and was questioned why he had done such a thing. The man replied that he just did that to visit his deceased relative in Bohol one last time.

And due to poverty, he has no money to buy a ticket, then he thought that he would just swim to Bohol from Cebu. The authorities learned that Mang Angco was swimming for 9 hours already. To avoid to be seen by the authorities he started swimming at 11:30 pm.

Jojo Bacaitos, a public official from Talisay, Cebu City heard of Mang Angco’s situation and he didn’t think twice to send help for the poor man. He bought a ticket to Bohol and some goods for Mang Angco. The poor man was very grateful for Bacaitos help.

Mang Angco’s determination for his family is an inspiring one. Despite poverty, he thought of ways just to be with them, his ways may be wrong, but in his heart that was the least, he could do.

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