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Man gets brand new SUV after 15 years from his nephew who gave him PS2 when he was a kid

Loving your family without asking for anything in return is genuine love. No matter what they ask, we always tried our very best to give it to them. And seeing them happy is always rewarding.

Steven Elliott Ng grows up in poverty in his town in China. He can’t play with other kids around his age because he doesn’t own gadgets like them. Because of the financial problem, his parents can’t afford to buy one for him. According to him, he was not jealous of the other kids, but his dream that one day he could have a gadget like theirs.

And finally, Steven’s wish come true. His uncle bought him a PS2. His uncle’s salary is $400, instead of spending it for himself self he saves it so he could buy his nephew a gadget. He loves his nephew and wants him to have PS2 like the other kids. Even if Steven was still young, he understands and appreciated his uncle’s effort. He promised him that one day he would give him a gift too. His uncle only laughs at his statement, because of his love for his nephew he could sacrifice for himself. And won’t wish anything in return except to see the young boy happy.


15 years later, Steven gives his uncle a brand new SUV.

Steven is a very successful businessman now. He owns Elliott Havok, a brand that sells high-end watches and wallets. In fact, he is on the list of the “30 Under 30” of Forbes Magazine. With all the success he achieves now, he has all the money that could buy all he wishes for. And most importantly, he did not forget his promise to his uncle as a young boy.

Indeed, giving your love and hoping for your love ones happiness is very rewarding, but knowing that they appreciate your efforts is heart-melting.

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